iPhone vs iPad design thoughts

The iPad, unlike it’s telephonic counterpart (the iPhone), presents users and developers with a bountiful playground of screen space. While it may seem to be just a matter of presenting more stuff to the user, it is no longer practical/optimal to present information and provide interaction using the same methods/design paradigms.

A primary example of this change is the use of Navigation Controllers to present information hierarchically. This method of navigating along a tree of information- while practical for the smaller screen size of the iPhone- is no longer so optimal or necessary with the larger iPad.  So, instead of dividing content among separate pages within a hierarchy, I prefer to present it within various subviews spread across the visible screen.

The process of displaying and managing subviews on the iPad was largely an elusive one in my searching, and so I will document here the process that I have developed using a varied compilation of resources from across the Internet.

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