Who are you, iDevBlogADay readers? Share your apps and interests.

I’ve recently been working on my iOS training website: Red Tempest Studios.com.  Mostly screencasts and source code, I’m working daily to expand the site with relevant, current information about iOS development.

As I write this post today, I am thinking to myself- “What are the needs/wants of the iDevBlogADay community?”  I know, #iDevBlogADay is all about getting us devs to write, but I’m curious as to what the readers are looking for?

So, I’ve put up two polls to ask a little bit more about you.  Don’t stop at the polls though, leave comments! Tell me what you work on, share you app(s) and add anything else that I didn’t put in the polls!

What do YOU look for/want in an iDevBlogADay post?

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What category(ies) of iOS dev are you interested in?

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7 Responses to Who are you, iDevBlogADay readers? Share your apps and interests.

  1. I am an Music/Audio App Developer. I dig reading other people’s code and best practices.

  2. I develop a iPhone and iPad app for building project estimates, called Sum+it. I’m most interested in hearing other developers experiences with marketing their apps, but am generally interested in hearing about anything iOS related.

    I read iDevBlogADay frequently.

  3. I develop mainly IOS games. I normally read iDevBlogADay for what approaches people take to solve their problems, particularly to programming and coding problems.

  4. Hi,
    I am iPhone/iPad Dev. I like to know how indie dev keep them self motivated all the time. How they keep up with their work despite of all odds. Also i like here about success story.

  5. Hi,
    I am a iOS dev. While developing Blood Fever I was mainly missing advanced stuff. There is enough material to setup your (cocos2d) application and get some sprites moving, but I was missing things about good structuring, a good actor inhertance system, advanced animations…

  6. I am a part time indie mobile dev. Working on my 1st iPhone App after releasing a few J2ME apps.

  7. Hi. I have a full time job as a C/C++ developer and on my free time I’m trying to develop my own programs. I love to read iDevBlogADay because I can learn a lot about with other indies experience: how keep motivate, how they handle all the stuff related to develop, release and maintain there apps, the dos and dont’s of the indie life.

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