Simplicity: On The Road To Quality (part one)

“Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.” -Henry Ford

Quality and Quantity of What?

Quality is often considered in relation to the capabilities of a thing. “How much/what can a thing do?” is the question that regularly drives the interest of a client and ultimately a designer/developer.

Somewhere, the quality vs quantity decision has been taken over by the lack of definition. It has become common for people to believe that the more they are able/allowed to do, the more productive they become.

In software- especially on a mobile platform such as the iOS- it is essential to keep always in mind that an app is meant to be a specific tool designed for a specific function. An app that offers many features becomes like a hammer with many accessories. If I need to drive a nail, I use a hammer, not a Swiss army knife.

80/20 Is King

Restricting a user’s options and control will enable the user to make a more simple, direct decision. ¬†Ultimately, restriction also supports satisfaction. A user will feel less responsibility and therefore less pressure if they are only given a limited amount of control. If there is an error, a user will not feel like it was their fault, if they understood everything that they did.

More to come…

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