iOS 101 Friday Followup: Guest Post

Even without our fearless leader and expert guiding us, we convened tonight for our weekly iOS programming. We didn’t actually do much programming. OK, so we didn’t do any programming at all, but we did look at Chapter 2 of the Cocoa and Objective-C book. Most of it was principles that we had previously covered and even implemented into our code, however, they weren’t all things that we completely understood. 

We started out by looking at simple driving directions. When we give directions, there are a lot of assumed intermediary tasks that we do, but aren’t specified in the directions. Like opening doors, then closing doors, walking, making turns, etc. With programming, it is very important to specify every part of the process. Fortunately, X-code has many of those details built into the frameworks that it pulls from. 

Next, we talked about things like functions, parameters, variables, types, constants, enumerated types, and typedefs. We have used most of these in our coding, but it was helpful to review the meanings and definitions of each of them. As we went through these different parts of code, we pulled up our most recent project and tried to identify as best we could the different pieces. At first, this was a challenge, but as we progressed, we were able to anticipate what each of them do within the code. With a little more experience, we will have everything down pat. 😉

We had some great discussion and fun interaction. We didn’t complete Chapter 2, so our homework for next week is to go through and do the coding in the last part of Chapter 2 before we move on to Arrays, Loops, and Text Strings next week. 

Until then. 


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