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The 3 Secrets to Mobile Success

Mobile technology. Smaller, faster, lighter, thinner. It’s more portable, easier to use with touch interfaces, and- in the case of cell phones- always connected to the Internet. But what is it that mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone show us about consumer needs/wants? What is the real secret to Apple’s success, not only in the mobile market, but in all markets (media, personal computing, mobile, etc…)? After analysis of consumer culture and technology trends, I have brought the … Continue reading

Who are you, iDevBlogADay readers? Share your apps and interests.

I’ve recently been working on my iOS training website: Red Tempest  Mostly screencasts and source code, I’m working daily to expand the site with relevant, current information about iOS development. As I write this post today, I am thinking to myself- “What are the needs/wants of the iDevBlogADay community?”  I know, #iDevBlogADay is all about getting us devs to write, but I’m curious as to what the readers are looking for? So, I’ve put up two polls to ask a little bit … Continue reading