Monthly Archives: March 2011

Lingo Gringo and Not Forgetting One’s “self”.

In my last iDevBlogADay post I wrote about my goal to get Lingo Gringo ready for AppStore submission. After that post, I met up with another Colorado local ( and impulsively declared that I would have Lingo Gringo ready by today, this 29th of March, 2011.  What a challenge!  So, after weeks wrestling with memory issues and hidden crash-causing bugs, I have finally gotten a functional Lingo Gringo.  The problem:  I am still several (about a dozen.5) features behind submission readiness. So, … Continue reading

Intro to iOS Development and the Birth of Red Tempest Studios

Denver, Colorado. September 2010 – A small group of friends gather together for an intensive weekend of introductory iPhone development training.  The morning is cool, but comfortable.  Donuts and coffee start the day, pizza sustains it and carbonated beverages flow endlessly. The resources used for this session include: – Cocoa Dev Central (for beginner’s explanations of programming concepts) – Chris-Software (for some example projects for practice use) The summary (with more links) of this weekend can be found here: iOS … Continue reading