Monthly Archives: January 2011

Cisco VPN Set-Up for Mac OS X 10.6+

After some hassles trying to install Cisco’s VPN client for Mac, I discovered that it’s already built into OS X as of Snow Leopard.  The setup is extremely simple, as documented here:

Resolving XCode “Base SDK Missing” Error

A frequent build error that developers will encounter with XCode development is the “error: There is no SDK with the name or path…” message.  This essentially means that when you try to build your project, XCode can’t find the platform or device that it’s supposed to build for.  This commonly happens when either the project was built for an SDK more recent than the version compiled (In which case you should upgrade to the latest XCode/iOS SDK builds), or the … Continue reading

More Human Humans

“Remember, multi-touch interfaces don’t make computers more human, they allow us to be a little more human while we are using them.” -Joshua Brewer (52 weeks of UX) This quote has been in the back (and sometimes front) of my mind ever since I first read it. A good thought to have.

Parsing XML with Objective-C (iOS)

In order to parse XML into an NSDictionary to be used in my iOS project, I have found and implemented XMLReader created by Troy Brant. The implementation is simple to use as you can see for yourself: