Monthly Archives: October 2010

iOS 101 Friday Followup: Guest Post

Even without our fearless leader and expert guiding us, we convened tonight for our weekly iOS programming. We didn’t actually do much programming. OK, so we didn’t do any programming at all, but we did look at Chapter 2 of the Cocoa and Objective-C book. Most of it was principles that we had previously covered and even implemented into our code, however, they weren’t all things that we completely understood.¬† We started out by looking at simple driving directions. When … Continue reading

iOS Friday Followup: Programmatic Views

Although slightly late, this post is a summary of the programmatic method of adding views to our iOS projects. ¬†While we’ve been working in IB up to this point, I felt that it would be well worth our time to write some code to see clearly what is happening when we drag views (labels, buttons, images, etc…) all willy-nilly out into our IB projects. The first thing to keep in mind is that we started with a “Window-Based Application”, allowing … Continue reading

iOS Friday Followup: Table Views

So, last night we had a great time once again, taking our arrays and displaying them in table views. When all was said and done, the result looked like this: Here is the process we followed: