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Lingo Gringo and Not Forgetting One’s “self”.

In my last iDevBlogADay post I wrote about my goal to get Lingo Gringo ready for AppStore submission. After that post, I met up with another Colorado local ( and impulsively declared that I would have Lingo Gringo ready by today, this 29th of March, 2011.  What a challenge!  So, after weeks wrestling with memory issues and hidden crash-causing bugs, I have finally gotten a functional Lingo Gringo.  The problem:  I am still several (about a dozen.5) features behind submission readiness. So, … Continue reading

How To Make The App They Want, Not The One They Ask For

Developers often perform with technical excellence, but they create an awful program.  This is because they did what they were asked, but they weren’t asked to do the right thing. It is more important to ask the right question, than answer the wrong one with excellence. For example: “I want an application that can take notes.”  is the wrong question.  When developing with that perspective, the success of the application is measured on whether or not it can take a … Continue reading

Thoughts on Game Design: Game Mechanics

In reading “The Art of Game Design” (1), I have been constantly thinking about game creation and design as a whole. And so, this title “What Are Game Mechanics?” (2) caught my attention and turned out to ultimately be a good read. I found this following snippet from the latter article to be of particular interest/worth: …I can put a black box on the table with a hidden button. Unbeknownst to a potential user, pressing the button enough times and … Continue reading