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More Human Humans

“Remember, multi-touch interfaces don’t make computers more human, they allow us to be a little more human while we are using them.” -Joshua Brewer (52 weeks of UX) This quote has been in the back (and sometimes front) of my mind ever since I first read it. A good thought to have.

Parsing XML with Objective-C (iOS)

In order to parse XML into an NSDictionary to be used in my iOS project, I have found and implemented XMLReader created by Troy Brant. The implementation is simple to use as you can see for yourself:

How To Make The App They Want, Not The One They Ask For

Developers often perform with technical excellence, but they create an awful program.  This is because they did what they were asked, but they weren’t asked to do the right thing. It is more important to ask the right question, than answer the wrong one with excellence. For example: “I want an application that can take notes.”  is the wrong question.  When developing with that perspective, the success of the application is measured on whether or not it can take a … Continue reading

Buttons and Subviews

After an embarrassing about of hours spent trying to get my UIButton to function properly from within a subview, I finally came across this post: “By having your view controller’s view inserted in another view, you are fighting against the way the UI kit is designed. It is intended to have view controllers manage a view that covers the entire screen, and have those view controllers pushed onto a navigation controller or managed by a tab view. Your view controller is probably … Continue reading