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iOS Friday Followup: Programmatic Views

Although slightly late, this post is a summary of the programmatic method of adding views to our iOS projects.  While we’ve been working in IB up to this point, I felt that it would be well worth our time to write some code to see clearly what is happening when we drag views (labels, buttons, images, etc…) all willy-nilly out into our IB projects. The first thing to keep in mind is that we started with a “Window-Based Application”, allowing … Continue reading

iOS Friday Followup: Table Views

So, last night we had a great time once again, taking our arrays and displaying them in table views. When all was said and done, the result looked like this: Here is the process we followed:

iOS Friday Fundamentals: Arrays

Last night for our weekly iOS dev group I talked about and demonstrated the use of Arrays in iOS programming. An array is pretty much just a list of data.  These lists can be useful for grouping together sets of information and iterating through them quickly. An example: a classroom full of students would make a good “students” array.  The elements in that array would be the students, so our array might look like this:

iOS 101 Developer’s Conference

So the first ever iOS 101 Developer’s Conference has come to an end.  For those of you who were in attendance, I’ll be posting the links and snippets that I promised.  For those who were not in attendance, I will also be posting the links and snippets that I promised.  So it’s win-win I think! In you didn’t get to make it, here’s a brief summary of what we went over: Day 1– I talked about the iOS market, networking … Continue reading

Getting started with iOS development: thoughts and links

So, you’re ready to become the next overnight iOS success.  You’ve quit your day job, set up your office in the guest bedroom and are the proud owner of each iOS device produced since the iPhone 1.0. (or something like that).  You have a macintosh- the latest and most powerful of course, and you already have clients banging at the front door of your house/corporate HQ.  You’re all set with one minor exception- you’ve never made, nor have any clue … Continue reading

How To Make The App They Want, Not The One They Ask For

Developers often perform with technical excellence, but they create an awful program.  This is because they did what they were asked, but they weren’t asked to do the right thing. It is more important to ask the right question, than answer the wrong one with excellence. For example: “I want an application that can take notes.”  is the wrong question.  When developing with that perspective, the success of the application is measured on whether or not it can take a … Continue reading

Thoughts on Game Design: Game Mechanics

In reading “The Art of Game Design” (1), I have been constantly thinking about game creation and design as a whole. And so, this title “What Are Game Mechanics?” (2) caught my attention and turned out to ultimately be a good read. I found this following snippet from the latter article to be of particular interest/worth: …I can put a black box on the table with a hidden button. Unbeknownst to a potential user, pressing the button enough times and … Continue reading

Speedy Shadows: Rasterizing For Performance

I was working on a grid of tiles, each one was an individual UIView.  For effect, I added shadow layers to each tile, but since they were all simultaneously draggable, the response was choppy and slow. So, after much searching, I finally found this article from the Omni Group which describes the process and advantages of different shadowing techniques. The one that I ended up using worked great and it was simple: tileView.layer.shouldRasterize = YES;

Buttons and Subviews

After an embarrassing about of hours spent trying to get my UIButton to function properly from within a subview, I finally came across this post: “By having your view controller’s view inserted in another view, you are fighting against the way the UI kit is designed. It is intended to have view controllers manage a view that covers the entire screen, and have those view controllers pushed onto a navigation controller or managed by a tab view. Your view controller is probably … Continue reading

Simplicity: On The Road To Quality (part one)

“Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.” -Henry Ford Quality and Quantity of What? Quality is often considered in relation to the capabilities of a thing. “How much/what can a thing do?” is the question that regularly drives the interest of a client and ultimately a designer/developer. Somewhere, the quality vs quantity decision has been taken over by the lack of definition. It has become common for people to … Continue reading