I hid in the forest,
The dark noises of nighttime, Ring like calamity in my poor head.
Rain was coming down of course, Thunder only added to the ringing in my head.
Lightning struck a tree nearby, Lighting up a flame in the bushes around.
A tree collapsed onto the ground, Which fell in under its weight from erosion.
What be?! A cave!
And in this underground tunnel, A colony of little creatures.
Creatures these are,
No larger than squirrels,
Working harder than gnomes.
These small fairy-creatures,
Like worms from the dirt.
Building great buildings,
And growing glowing jewels.
The children are not lazy,
The old men don’t just rock,
In little wooden chairs,
With little woolen socks.
The young, strong men,
With picks and shovels.
Digging and growing,
Building and sowing.
Smiths in their shoppes,
Miners in their holes.
Women cooking vegetables,
And old hags cooking moles.
Could this sight be real, I see?
Have I found some elfin colony?
The rain has stopped.
They disappear!
No! Don’t leave.
By what do you yourselves call?
And one little old man looked up from his work.
We call ourselves Spinks!
Then they vanished forever.

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2 comments on “Apparition

  • Prue:

    Small fairy creatures and Glowing Jewels. My idea of fiction. 😀

  • Chad:

    Ah, but there is so much more than just this. I literally have pages and pages about the Spinks and their colonies. 🙂 I’m glad you liked it.

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