A Summary of Me

My name is Chad. I’m from the Denver area in Colorado, but I lived in Lima, Peru long enough to be undecided which place I call home. I write and tell stories, I play music, I make software.

I tell stories, mostly using digital tools. Websites, mobile Apps, interactive design, video games, comics, prose, video—these are the tools that I use most often for telling those stories.

  1. Storytelling
  2. Web and Mobile Design
  3. Web and Mobile Development
  4. Interactive Experience Design

To see more about the tools and clients that I’ve worked with, check out my Work page.

(not me)

Some Of My Current Projects

Red Tempest Media
red tempest media
My creative media company focused on comic books and graphic novels, filmmaking, novels and interactive apps and games.
Handicape - Superhero
My graphic novel about a disabled office worker must become a computer hacker and stop a conspiracy to save the world.