About Me

n611617878_544433_7410Chad enjoys writing, reading and photography. He wants to travel more, hence this blog (sort of). When he’s not writing or reading, he’s usually discussing philosophy or religion, or designing websites using PHP, CSS and AJAX.

Is this your FIRST TIME here? Well, let me explain some things. It’s all rather simple really. You can use the top menu to get to the home page, to contact me or to find out more about this intriguing “Chad Beninati”.

This is cbeninati.com, where you can find informative, entertaining and potentially useful treasures that include a wide range of subjects!  You’ll encounter everything from philosophy, travel, adventures, religion and more; all nestled neatly within the archives of this complete reader’s digest.  You can expect to find content related to my primary interests including: writing, photography, and fiction, as well as the a fore-mentioned categories.

Cbeninati.com! started while I was living/teaching in Lima, Peru; and has now expanded beyond those South American borders into my native Denver and beyond!

Chad can be found on:

During a slow day, you might see Chad at hulu, or browsing other blogs….